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Yoshaundala Brannan, affectionately referred to as “Shaunee” is the author, creator, and voice behind the family, fun, faith, and fashion based blog, and her highly anticipated first book release: “Hi Insecurity. Bye Insecurity”; to be released in April of 2017" to "and the highly anticipated book release: "Hi Insecurity. Bye Insecurity.

  Born and raised in Detroit, MI. where she still resides, she is a wife, mother of two, recording artist/worship leader, entrepreneur, part of working class America, and pastor alongside her husband.  An infectious personality and sense of humor, she opens her life on paper by providing her various life experiences as the basis of her writings, which are mostly known for their honesty, humor, and whit.  Shaunee believes that transparency, and honesty are key in being true to yourself and others.  In an effort to serve God, and to touch the lives of people who she comes in contact with, she has made it a habit of being very open about her life, which consists of many victories, and failures.  Having overcome years of insecurity, low self-esteem, and internal confusion, the foundation of the platform that she speaks from is an awareness of God, and cultivating self-awareness and love.   A lover of God and people, no matter the avenue that she chooses to deliver her message, her heart is clearly seen and felt.  

Shaunee says: “My journey with God and life has been one of many ups and down’s.  I have been given so much grace as a remedy for my confusion, ignorance, and stubbornness occasion, after occasion.  In turn, it has made me one who is able to recognize the same conditions that I struggled with in others, and feel the compassion necessary to reach people where they are to tell them that their issues are not permanent, and that I am a testimony of what healing can accomplish.”

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The “you” that is not ruled by insecurity is a completely different person, one you need to meet. You will like that you. You will like that you A LOT. That you is contagious, joyful, light-hearted, reflective, wise, courageous, and in touch with themselves and others. That you is bursting with possibilities, as you never stop growing and blossoming into someone you never knew existed, but have always been.
By the end of the book, you will be on the path to meet that you. As years of hindrances fall away, much of how you’ve thought, planned, and pursued life, will take a new route.

Available for purchase at​ , and on Amazon


I believe in a God that looks at people, no matter their condition, and sees himself.  He sees gifts, talents, hopes, dreams and the desire to live in peace that are all his, but that he’s invested in us.  The amount of joy and pleasure that it brings him to see us discover these hidden treasures, and embrace them is immeasurable. 
It is my desire, goal, and mission to make this such thing possible in everyone that I come in contact with.  I have experienced what it’s like to be hopeless, plagued by depression and suicidal thoughts, completely unaware of my worth, value, potential, and identity.  Having sunk to my lowest, I was literally rescued by the love of God,
wrapped in his presence, and it changed me.  I walked away with an infections,
and insatiable desire to see others experience this.

Through every outlet that God provides me, and by using every gift that he’s invested in me, I will encourage others to establish fellowship with the Father, and even more, help them to believe
without any doubt, that this is also what he desires.   

I believe that I am a prophetic voice, an influencer, life giver, lover of people, and a pioneer to unchartered territories.  These are things that Jesus was.  So I shall I be. 
I will see individuals completely changed, entire families changed, marriages restored, the lost found, depression, anxiety, terminal illnesses healed, and freedom from all things that do not exist in the heart or intention of God.

​This is my vision.  This is HIS vision.



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