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Hey you,

My name is Shaunee, and I’m probably the most introvert, extrovert you’ll ever meet. A middle child of four, if that makes sense…….I’ll eventually explain in my writings…….I am more of a loner than a “hang with the group” type of person. My idea of a wonderful, blazing Friday night = Project Runway, fruit snacks and Skinny Pop, and cuddling with my family.  THIS is what I call: LIVING IT UP.

The thing about introvert-extrovert’s is: We have a lot of time to think.  We also notice quite a bit.  Because while all of the super extroverts are talking and running their yacks……We’re just sitting back evaluating.  All of these evaluations lead to an awesome perspective.  And I take these perspectives, and wrap them in a humorous little ball. And I love making people laugh with me, while I laugh at myself.  On my worst days, humor was still my friend.  Laughter really does serve the heart as a medicine.  And in that regard, I’m somewhat of a Doctor.  Because there isn’t much that I cannot find a sense of humor in…….not much at all.  Somewhere in the course of life, after many really good days, and really bad days, I started absorbing some of the lessons I’ve learned, and realized that embracing them produce a wealth of knowledge for myself and others.

Prayers & Punchlines is designed to make you laugh, encourage you to have something solid and vibrant with God, embrace your strengths, work on your weaknesses, be vulnerable and transparent, and enjoy the practical things in life at the same time.  A bit of an unconventional fashion enthusiast, I love mixing high end pieces with everyday $5 tees.  I’ll shop at a Salvation Army, and Saks 5th Avenue all in the same day... All while getting everything that I find ON SALE.  

Wife, mother, pastor, 9 to 5’er, Entrepreneur... I’m wearing a lot of hats most days. But I’m doing all of it through grace.  I hope to make you laugh, reflect, cry if you’re really sappy, feel like you can achieve any dream that God has placed in your heart, and let go of the ones that you’ve put there that are a hot mess.  Thank you for stopping by... even if it was just to be nosey.  Stay and read a little.  Let God speak to you.  He wants to put joy in your heart, and a smile on your face today.

Happy Reading,

Shaunee Brannan

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