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He Said, She Said - Trends and What the Opposite Sex Says

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Do you ever wonder what people are thinking?  I do.  And I’m the type of person who gets a kick out of asking.  I ask in hopes of finding that I’m not really as crazy as I suspect.  I ask for confirmation that what I think and feel is common, and most importantly, NORMAL.  The human mind, and psychology absolutely thrill me.  I love to know why and how people think.  So again, I ask.  And it usually starts with a simple question. So last week, as I mulled over thoughts for 2018, I thought about the many things that 2017 has brought us.  A new president, racial tension, sexual harassment upheavals, and many other tragic moments, such as the “Man Romper”.  Yes, the “Man Romper” is easily listed amongst the list of things that hurt my feelings in 2017.  So on a mid-week afternoon, I simply asked:

And the floodgates were opened. I don’t know if it’s the pain of carrying an opinion for-e-ever that you would be rude to involuntarily release, or if it’s the desire to help.  But people unleashed in the most frank ways possible.  They were finally being given the chance to voice their opinion.  And the similarities in their vehement dislikes were not only amusing, but also secretly satisfying to me.  We all have that one friend, or family member that does “that thing”.  “That thing” usually consists of something that they consistently include in their look that they ought not.  Whether it be gelled down baby hair from the 90’s, white knee socks with church shoes, or black, lined lips with cherry, red lipstick, it’s their thing, and we all want it to stop.  But they don’t believe you when you tell them, and sometimes it isn’t until their reading a 200 comment feed on social media that they find out that everyone hates their red tights in silver, Easter sandals. So just in case you’re wondering, here is what each sex had to say.  As a general consensus, this is what they want to go away, die a slow death, and never return.  Are you ready?  Put your feelings away.  They can’t enter this fight and live.  And if you bring them anyway, grab a box of Kleenex.


1.) FALSE LASHES – Simply put, they hate them.  Even the most simplest of ones now have a bad rap.  Those of us who have made it a point to go overboard, wearing ones that look like paint brushes, have now ruined it for the ones who wear them on occasion, in a more natural way.  They made it very clear that the thicker they are, the faster and farther they run.  They were called every name that you could think of, even being referred to as “wings”.  Yep…..they’re over it.  They’d almost rather see you with bald lids, without one lash, than a row that doesn’t belong to you. *Suggestions – If you opt to wear lashes, try purchasing ones that are thinner and of a moderate length.They should give the impression that they could be your own, by easily blending into your facial structure.

2.) EYEBROWS – It was almost a tie with the lashes and eyebrows.  They were almost always mentioned in conjunction.  Thick, black, square, Sharpie drawn, and fake were all descriptors used.  Meme’s, cartoons, and emoji’s furthered their stance.  Yeah….they hate them.  If they don’t look natural, don’t look like they are growing from skin, they….hate….them.  *Suggestions – If you have naturally full eyebrows, thank God, and don’t touch them.Get them shaped by a professional, and wear them without any additions.If you have thin eyebrows, and need help making them fuller, consult a professional to get a consultation on a process that you can do yourself.If you are using a pencil or powder, the color should match both your hair and skin tone.Any filling that you do should follow the natural shape of your own brow line.Drawing above or beyond it is what creates an artificial look.


Did you read the photo comment below? Do I need to say anything else?  And this wasn’t the first time I’d heard it.  Upon occasion, when doing a photo shoot, or for an event, when I get “photo-ready” make-up done, my husband has expressed his dislike.  When it comes to makeup, men prefer what accentuates, not what creates. *Suggestions - Consult a professional for an everyday look that you can achieve on your own that accentuates, but looks natural. Other things to make the list included most things fake and artificial.Long, obnoxious weaves, and fake butts were frowned upon.In short, they prefer a natural woman.Less has become more.


1.) BEARDS & HAIRLINES – Apparently men got tired of looking at our eyebrows, and decided to use our tricks for their beards and hairlines.  And in the same way that it did for us, it backfired for them.  That weird powder/shoe polish substance that men are using to give their beards and hairlines a fuller, more perfect look, has become a joke amongst women.  We hate it for the very same reasons that men hate our eyebrows.  It looks fake and artificial, and almost too perfect.  And it carries it’s very own challenges with the male hygiene.  Men are more likely to sweat than women.  Sweat + Shoe Polish = Black, sweat beads rolling down the forehead without any warning whatsoever.  *Suggestions – Less is more.If you don’t need it, don’t use it.A littler imperfection is expected in the male presentation.As a matter of fact, it’s sexy and attractive.

2.) TIGHT CLOTHING – Even with the surge of European styles coming to America, women still prefer a man in clothing where you can’t count his ribs and see the shape of his thighs.  Skinny jeans that are too skinny, and tee’s that are too tight are a turn off.  They are asking you to knock it off. *Suggestions – Fitted is better than tight.Tailored is better than tight.Tight is not alright.If you don’t know the difference, I can’t help you.

3.) ANKLES OUT – We love those Italian suits that you guys are wearing.  We hate when you wear them with your ankles out.  And furthermore, when your ankles are out without socks, well, those are just Capri pants.  And we hate those too.  Very, very, VERY few men can get away with this.  And most of them are built like a teenager. *Suggestions – Right at the ankle is a good place to stop.Above the ankle, only slightly, with socks, could pass.

Other things to make the list included man buns and untamed chest hair.In short, women prefer for men to be masculine.They are not in love with feminine undertones in the male appearance.

To conclude my findings, (LOL,) let me state this.  Most things are a matter of preference.  I don't believe in conformity for the sake of acceptance.  I do however believe in conformity by revelation.  Once you know, it causes change.  Sometimes our preferences are shaped by what we don't know.  I love individuality.  But not at the expense of losing. It's okay to go against the grain, this is the hallmark of a true trendsetter.  But do it was class, grace, and confidence....after having made the right evaluations. (smile)

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