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April's Blog Fashion Focus - "Spring Collaboration with House of Izzi"

I've been a busy little beaver.

I'm always working....always thinking...and keeping my creative juices flowing.

I'm truly grateful for the continued outlet and partnership with House of Izzi that allows me to bring my thoughts and ideas to life in designs that reflect my own aesthetic approach to fashion.

We're just a tad bit late, but we have a few new Spring items that will hit the site really soon!

I've created quite a few pieces personally and for production for years, but I think that this particular collection has two of my absolute favorite items.

When I am creating clothing ideas, I'm always thinking of a few things:

  1. Comfort - The ability to wear with ease

  2. Body Conscious - I try to create styles for all body types.

  3. Versatility - Convertible pieces that give you options and the best bang for your buck.

With those things in mind, here are a few options for Spring that you can consider adding to your wardrobe.

Please be on the lookout for these being added to, along with Summer pieces that I'll be featuring soon.

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The HONOR Tunic 2.0

Thus far, the HONOR Tunic has been the best seller from my previous releases. This time we decided to release it in a new color that's appropriate for the spring and summer seasons. The bright pops of fuchsia and spring green makes this an eye catcher. Wear it as a tunic top or a dress. It's super fun and easy to wear. OH.....And it has pockets.

The "DESTINY" Duster Jacket

If you follow me on social media, you've probably heard me talk about me not really loving the color blue. I received a lot of texts and inboxes about it. (LOL). It's just not my favorite color unless its denim.

However, House of Izzi asked me if I could do anything with this fabric. And I thought a duster would be a great option.

The "DESTINY" Duster is a double breasted duster coat that is mean to be worn open. It's drama y'all. It's eye catching and sophisticated, yet wild.

Dress it up or down. It's class and trend all rolled into one.

The "JOYFUL" Jumpsuit

I have a few favorite pieces from this collection.

This is one of them.

My weight fluctuates between 5-10 pounds like most women.

Sometimes a "bread spirit" gets ahold of me. And it starts to show.

But whether my weight is up or down, I love pieces that roll with any size.

The JOYFUL Jumpsuit is that piece.

It's so easy to wear and fun.

Everything is adjustable. The waist belt is adjustable. The ankle ties are adjustable. And the shoulder ties are adjustable.

This jumpsuit can be worn a million different ways. I only chose two.

Though released for our spring collection, it can easily be worn in summer and early fall as well.


Definitely one of my favorite pieces.....DEFINITELY.

The TRANSFORMATION Tunic Top is the perfect piece for the girl who loves options, but no matter what, wants something trendy.

This tunic converts from a open sided tunic top to a crop top, using it's multifunctional zippers that also work as decorative features of the top.

It's bright teal and fuchsia color scheme with black and white accents make it a stand alone piece.

It can be paired with jeans, leggings, a skirt, of even cut-off shorts.

It's not only easy to wear, but provides so many options and ways to wear to get you through spring and summer.


I saved the best for last.

Because....this is the best.

The DOUBLE PORTION Kimono gives you just that....a double portion.

It is two kimonos in one.

Both sides are a whole new look when you turn it inside out.

It's slightly weighted, has an expensive feel, and is so fun and unique.

Though bright and colorful, this piece can be worn in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Pair it with a button up blouse, a jumpsuit, jeans, cut-off shorts, a midi dress, boots, heels.....YOU NAME IT.

It's just that cool.

It's a piece that I'm very proud of.


Thank you for looking!

Stay tuned for more Summer pieces dropping soon!

Shaunee Brannan

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