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CAMOUFLAGE - The New Neutral - January Fashion Blog Focus

Updated: Feb 19

One night I was laid up with a bag of Skinny Pop and fruit snacks simultaneously watching one of my shows AND scrolling through TikTok videos - sensory overload at its finest.

Then I stumbled across a fashion blogger's page who is originally from Detroit.

She had a list of three things that she wanted everyone to leave in 2022.

  1. Shoulder cut-out tops - AGREED

  2. Skinny Jeans - SEMI-AGREE

  3. Camouflage - NO MA'AM.

I rolled over and looked at a pile of clothes in the corner of my room that I'd been compiling since November with the intent to make it a fashion focus on my site.

The whole pile was of various clothing articles to style CAMO.

At first I questioned my fashion sense.

Had I missed the memo?

Then I realized that fashion is an expression of your creative ability.

Trends come and go.

But some things are a direct expression of what you like.

And whether deemed in or out, it's all about what appeals to you.

And I like CAMO for a few different reasons.

I don't go looking for camo.

I'm not always even drawn to camouflage.

But like it or not, it has become a neutral fabric for Americans.

Camo fabric, depending on the print, is right up there with khaki, denim, black, and army green.

It's a print that can be used if you want a print, but a neutral print that pairs well with solids.

It's definition of it being a fabric that hides or blends to conceal doesn't just work in nature.

It works in fashion.

You see it.

But you don't.

You notice it.

But you don't.

It lives up to its meaning.

There are really easy, basic ways to wear camo.

But this time I wanted to show a few ways to wear it that are unconventional, along with one or two more basic ways of wear.

But as you will see, it can be dressed up, down, or in between.

Here is to giving you CAMO options.

And yes, I'm going to do TikTok videos of each look and send it to Girlfriend that said to get rid of it. (smile)

CAMO isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Leopard and Camo together? YEP.

They are actually two natural, nature patterns that you'll find in the jungle.

They are two prints full of neutrals that blend when taken in together.

BLAZER: Stones

JOGGERS: Ashley Rogers

Mixing plaid with Camo means picking both the right shade of camo, the right shade of plaid, and deciding on the right pieces. It most definitely is a look when you get it right.

SHORTS: Gallery Dept.

BLAZER: Rachel Zoe

VEST: Diesel Denim

BOOTS: Brian Atwood Cap-Toe Boots

Sometimes all you need is a touch of camo here and there. Adding accessories is an easy way to go.


BOOTS: Jeffrey Campbell (knock off styles found on AliExpress)

Cropped Blazer - Express

Vest - Pistola Denim

Bomber Swing Coat - Fashion Nova (Have seen the same style at Akira)

Denim and Camo is always right no matter how you pair it. The options are endless. It is pairing two neutrals of different kinds all into one look.

BLAZER - AliExpress TwoTwinStyle (please note that it runs small)

PARACHUTE JOGGERS - Vintage Salvation Army Find

BOOTS - Jeffrey Campbell Bi-Golly