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It was s regular Saturday afternoon in March.

I was taking a very rare nap.

(I haven't taken regular naps since having children in 2002.)

And as I lay sleeping, when it got close to the time for my alarm to go off, I had a vision.

I saw a school gym with people in it.

The lights were dim, and in various places around the gym, people were praying as worship music played.

The vision lasted for maybe only 5-10 seconds.

But I felt the presence of God all over me.

I felt it as I woke up.

It was a different presence.

It had an immeasurable amount of sincerity and conviction on it.

I felt sincerity in a way that I'd never felt it.

It was pure. It was faceless. It was God-centered.

I also felt very convicted in the best way.

As I woke up, God spoke to me and said: "Go and do what you saw."

If you've ever experienced encounters with God, or moments in time with Him, they can be hard to articulate.

You try to find the words, but it is often difficult to fully express the message he downloads in one moment. As you share, you want people to FEEL what you felt, and understand the wonder of it.

It's almost as if God allows you to share, but leaves portion of the experiences that can only be enjoyed by the one(s) that experienced it.

After this moment, I shared it with my husband.

I put it on my "to-do" list.

This was probably one of the busiest seasons of my life.

I was already working to complete a long list of tasks.

I'd put this vision well into August of September.

Then I started hearing other unrelated ministers and prophecies about random prayer services in schools.

I heard it within the same week.

I started to feel an urgency in my heart.

I knew that God did not want me to procrastinate.

I even thought: "I know that I saw it in the school, but it would be much easier to just use our church."

I felt a strong check that we were not to have it at our church.

God expressly wanted this service in a school, exactly how I saw it, and he wanted the service much sooner.

The CITY WIDE Prayer Service on May 19th is an answer to his request.

This service is time carved out for people to come together, pray and worship God.

There is no "program".

There is no "A" and "B" selection, a 15 minute word, and offering.

It will have slight structure, but be unscripted.

No one is coming to entertain or be entertained.

It's meant to be a space in time created for people to encounter God and receive healing.

I believe in theology.

I believe in the importance of the American church.

But with all the church and theology that I've had, it has mostly been my EXPERIENCES with God that have anchored me.

My moments with God have been the glue to hold all of my theology and church attendance together.

Knowing that he's real and that he knows me has made the Christian experience REAL.

I believe that May 19th is about God becoming REAL to many people.

If you or anyone that you is:









Or.....all such like.....PLEASE BRING THEM on May 19th.

If we are to accomplish anything in/with God, it will be with unity.

I feel like the least likely person chosen to commission something like this.

But at the same time, I feel like the most likely.

I have moved out of the way to give God a chance to reveal himself.

Please come.

You don't want to miss how he's decided to show up this time.

Shaunee Brannan

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