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I don’t know too many women that don’t love a little polka dot situation here and there, especially if she’s a girly-girl.

Girly girls love them a dot or two.

Polka dots are the one print that follows a woman from birth to death.

They put polka dots on everything from baby onesies to old lady scarves.

It’s a print that seems appropriate for any age range.

You are never too young or too old for polka dots.

When style appropriately, they just fit.

And no matter what they put them on, I am going to look every single time.

It can be a dish rag, a pair of sheets, a blouse, socks, or a coffee cup.

I will feel like I need whatever it is.

It’s an inner voice that tells me that I don’t have it, and I need it.

My brain has literally been wired for dots.

Polka dots are eye catching, attractive, and feminine.

I believe that’s what I love about polka dots.

At its core, polka dots are feminine.

They are delicate and romantic, flirty and sexy, playful yet serene.

You can sell most things if you put some polka dots on it.

At least you can to me.

I will buy your dots.


This month’s bonus blog is dedicated to polka dots, and the fun that they carry.


Shaunee Brannan

Dress: Closet London

Charlie Holiday (Australian Label) Nyla Crop Top and Dress (sold separately)

Sweaters - Workshop Republic Clothing (TJ Maxx $25)

ZigZag Jeans - CIDER Clothing

Polka Dot Peplum Sweater - EXPRESS

Mini Polka Dots Blouse - Varsity Clothing

Silver Metallic Polka Dot Blouse - Anne Klein.

Tie Cropped Blazer - ZARA

Gold Metallic Polka Blouse - Anne Klein

Cropped Leather Jacket - Alice + Olivia

Look #1 - Anne Klein Polka Dot Sweater, H&M Tie Neck Polka Dot Blouse, Nicholas K Striped Skirt

Look #2 - Workshop Short Sleeved Sweated, Tulle Polka Dot Skirt (AliExpress), H&M Removable Leather Bib Collar

Look #3 - Gracia Polka Dot Caped Blazer, Workshop Cropped Pants

Polka Dot Blazer and Tie Neck Blouse - Zendaya for Tommy Hilfiger

Tuxedo Stripe Pants - Rachel Zoe

Mini Dot Jumpsuit - Current Elliott

Cocoon Wrap Jacket - Kate Hewko (sold by other retailers)

Boots - Converse

Thank You For Stopping By!

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