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July Fashion Focus - Summer Transitional Pieces

Believe it or not, we're mid-summer.

I hate to break it to you.

But it will all be over sooner than we think.

You can already see signs of Fall fast approaching in the stores.

Back-2-School items are already on the shelves.

And retailers are starting to have summer sales where their sole purpose is to push the movement of lingering swimwear, sandals, and other summer attire.

In fashion, everyone is always one step ahead preparing for the next season.

With my latest fashion collaboration for House of Izzi, I tried to keep in mind that women love pieces that easily transition.

But also, we love to live in the moment.

And many people are preparing for summer vacations, or their last vacation before school starts.

And you want items that can serve for Summer, but also go with you into fall.

I will be honest in saying that this was not my most "dazzling" or "exciting" drop.

But it's fun.

And it's practical.

Here are 6 new pieces that will be available soon on

I designed them with versatility and comfort in mind.


The "HAPPINESS IS" Maxi Dress Set

Initially this design was meant to go a different way. But sometimes you end up with something that you love more.

The "HAPPINESS IS" Maxi dress set is a two-piece ensemble that consists of an elastic waist crop top paired with a tent maxi dress. You can pair them together, or wear them as separates.

The dress buttons up or down for added options of wear.

It's easy to wear, comfortable, and functional.

The "RADIANCE" Hi-Lo Jacket

In full transparency, I did not like any shade of dark purple until maybe 6 months ago. I literally would not buy it in any form. (I have my reasons.)

But it's been grabbing me lately.

The "RADIANCE" Hi-Lo Jacket is a jacket that can be worn, Summer and Fall....EASILY.

It's hi-lo design is only one of many of it's features that appeals to the eye.

It has three front tie closures, full blouson sleeves, and a pattern that commands the eye.

It also does not require much work or pairing, and is one of the most comfortable and forgiving things you could put on your body.

It can be worn with shorts, jeans, leggings, or a body con dress underneath.

It gives you all the drama without all the work.

This is probably my favorite item from this drop.

The "IT'S A WRAP" Wrap Dress

A woman can't go wrong with a wrap dress.

No matter the body shape or size, a wrap dress tends to be a good choice for a lot of reasons, providing that the right one is chosen.

It provides comfortable adjustments to fit you to your liking.

It also provides the right type of coverage.

And if it's a print (like this one) it helps to bring brightness, but also concealment of things we'd like to keep concealed.

The "It's A Wrap" dress is constructed with a zippered back, but also an adjustable tie waist. It gives you the option to get it on and off in two ways.

If you tie the waist in a way that you want to keep tied, simply zip out of the dress to keep your fit the way that you prefer.

It also incorporates a patchwork design that allows you many ways to mix your accessories.

I chose to pull out the zebra print. But I could have easily focused on the red, blue, or yellow to mix my accessories.

This dress could be worn in Summer, Fall, and even the winter with the right additions.

The "LEVELS" Patchwork Maxi Skirt

I had a skirt like this years ago.

Every time that I wore it, everyone wanted it.

So I decided to create a version for everyone else to enjoy.

The "LEVEL" skirt incorporates a denim upper with all the beautiful top-stitching that you find in denim, but also an array of African print fabrics on the lower portion.

It gives you the structure of a denim skirt, with the flow of a maxi.

It's eye-catching and interesting. It also can be worn in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

It does all the work. You only need to add minimal pieces here and there.

The "CREATOR" Skirt

The "CREATOR" Skirt is stunning.

My photos really don't do it any justice.

It is a high waist design that incorporates ruching sides, and a ruched front.

It also has a high side slit that pairs with a drawstring that allows for more pull and ruching.

It is an easy to wear garment.

Pair it with a Moto jacket, a crop top, or a bodysuit.


The "REMEMBERED" Hi-Lo Top is all about the print and the pairing.

I was on the fence about this particular print.

But after I put it all together, it's doing what a print like this is supposed to do.

It's not only memorable, it's unique.

It can be paired with denim high-waist shorts, denim skinny jeans, wide leg jeans, a pencil skirt, or just about anything your mind can fathom.

It's oversized design provides comfort.

But the proportions give you hi-lo detailing that is meant to play with the eye in terms of a full look.

It's a perfect piece for Summer and Fall transitions.

And it will be coming with me on vacation.

Thank you for reading!

Be on the lookout for these new pieces dropping in the coming week!

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