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The standard closet staple of the LBD was made popular by the world famous designer Coco Chanel. For years, it has been marketed and sold as a must-have item in your wardrobe when it comes to everything from church to cocktail hour.

It's funny how most women love a little black dress, and may not even know why. It's one of those things that we are drawn to, and will likely choose if given a choice of five different colors because it's popularity has become engrained in our subconsciousness. It gives you the comfort of simplicity and "you can't go wrong with this", all while also giving you a classical aura. It makes you look important, put together, and chic. We've seen it sold everywhere, in every shape and form, and for every occasion.

But let me be honest.

It's taken me YEARS to fall in love with black.

I'm a color and prints type of girl. If given the choice, I will likely pass up on black in lieu of something else that pops. But within the last five years, I've found my place with black attire. When done right, it's striking, flattering and mysterious. And it almost always shaves off pounds. It has a beauty to it.

But many designers have sought other closet staples items, opting to start popularizing the LWD.


That's right. The little white dress is now a closet staple.

It's fresh, vibrant, noticeable, and flattering when worn in the right moment.

I love a white dress....LOVE.

The delicacy, femininity, innocence, and celestial glow make me feel CLEAN.

I love a really clean look.

So I thought it would be fun to build a case for both closet staples.

I present to you the opportunity to judge with a face off of the LBD vs LWD.

You be the judge of your own preference after a direct comparison.


Shaunee Brannan

LBD vs LWD both by Cynthia Rowley "Rhinestone Tee Dress"

*Side Note: This dress retails for $450.00. I found both on one of my favorite designer retail sites, The black dress was $62.00, brand new with tags. The white was only $50.00 because it was sold without retail tags.


LBD by ASOS LWD by Nasty Gal

LBD by H&M LWD by H&M

LBD by Moonriver LWD by Moonriver

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