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Monthly Fashion Focus - GINGHAM

We get the full force of all four seasons here in Michigan.

Yeah....Winter is a doozy.

But Summer is something different.

The calendar may still say that its Spring. But the humidity and scorching sun says something entirely different. And it's almost like Spring is trying to warn us, and give a foretaste of the heat that awaits. And once it finally arrives, it brings with it the need to change your attire.

There are certain fabrics that are season appropriate. They are synonymous with that season, and perfect for what the season brings. As I went through my closet to try to decide what to highlight this month, I passed over a ton of eyelet attire, summer white, and maxi dresses. They are somewhat obvious for summer.

But I started to also notice a recurring theme.

I had a lot of gingham print.

Gingham is not regular plaid. It is more pattern specific than it is color specific like other plaid prints such as tartan or buffalo plaid. The checkers are uniform, and typically small, almost like a tablecloth for a picnic, which is what made it very popular.

I never really considered myself a gingham lover. I never sat down and said: "Give me gingham or nothing else." I can certainly think of other fabrics and prints that draw me in more. But as I went through my summer clothes.....there it was...a lot of it. It was a revelation to me about myself. Obviously I liked it more than I knew.

And so I decided that I would pull just a few of the looks that I found inside my wardrobe and show you why gingham print is so fun and enjoyable to wear and pair for the summer seasons.


Shaunee Brannan

DETAILS: Pinup Girl Gingham Jumpsuit by UNIQUE VINTAGE


Blazer - DKNY

Bootcut Gingham Print Pants - Rebellion

(Both Purchased at Marshalls)

DETAILS: Plaid Two Piece Set Sold by NALU BOUTIQUE

(I have also seen this same set available at other online boutiques)


Blazer - ZARA

Blouse - French Connection

Pants - Marshalls Brand

DETAILS: Gingham Print Crop Top and Skirt Set (sold separately) VICI COLLECTION

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