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MONTHLY FASHION FOCUS - "The Power of the Flower"

Is there anything as delicate and feminine as a flower?

Flowers are not only synonymous with beauty and fragility.

But they also incapsulate the marriage of color and fragrance that can brighten any room, any mood, and any blank canvas in need of happiness.

It's evident that when God sat down and released his creative nature, he found a very special inspiration with the flower.

He couldn't stop at just one fragrance.....

He kept going 400K times over, leaving us with close to half a million different options to gaze at and be amazed by.

And for this, I'm grateful.

I'm a prints type of woman.

I'm a girly girl.

I'm a lady.

I can't be all of these things, and not be in love with floral patterns.

The thing that I love most about florals is the femininity that it gives.

They are unmistakably WOMAN.

You can put on a bold floral for sass and edge.

Or you can opt for a lighter pastel for delicate femininity.

I went in my closet and chose a few pieces from several options.

I hope that you feel inspired to add a little flower to your wardrobe this summer.

Tis the season.


Custom Made Floral Brooches: Made by

Earrings: Zara 2022 Collection

Floral Corset Top: AliExpress (could not find link to the shop that i purchased it from)

The flowers on the corset are organza, and have been hand sewn onto the corset. The corset is also adjustable in four different sizes, making it able to worn over a blouse if desired. Overall it is a GREAT statement piece.



I saw these earrings, and thought to myself: " weird!"

Then I bought them.

I'm so glad that I did.

They make me smile.

EARRINGS: Zara 2022 Collection

For the girl that isn't quite into wearing florals on their body, here is how you can add florals in a bold, yet simplified way.

And earrings, purse, scarf, or shoe can do the trick.

DRESSES: Christopher John Rogers for Target

Now sold out at Target, the Christopher John Rogers Collection sold out very quickly. However, many of his items can still be found on Poshmark or Ebay for those ladies still itching for the bold, blasts, of floral fabrics that he incorporated in the collection.


Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell "CANDICE"

Who doesn't love an easy, free-flowing, baby doll dress WITH flowers splattered all over it?

Easily one of the most comfortable dresses in my closet, I love everything about it.

DRESS: Moonriver

KIMONO: Moonriver

HAT: Aldo

These two are pretty random. And I had better options to show. But I love the feminine nature of lighter pastel florals. I felt impressed to share more understated options to inspire subtle ways of showing the power of the flower.

DRESS: House of Izzi

I designed this dress, and chose it's fabric. House of Izzi brought it to life for me. It incorporates one of my favorite color combinations with the ease and comfort of an oversized swing dress.

DRESS: Dream Sister Jane (Asos, Nordstrom, etc)

EARRINGS: AliExpress ($3)

If a dress is embroidered, embossed, or has textured fabric, chances are....I'm going to love it. This dress has delicate, raised, embroidered fabric throughout. It is the most girly, Alice In Wonderland-esque dress you'd ever see. It's weighted, yet light and comfortable, as is most Sister Jane dresses.

Thank you for stopping by!

I hope that you leave inspired.

Shaunee Brannan

*Please feel free to contact me for collaborations, or questions regarding any of the items featured.

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