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NEW COLLABORATION! - November Monthly Fashion Blog Focus

There is a really long back story and history to this collaboration. But I'll spare you the long details for now, and summarize.

A long time ago I would have these really cool ideas for clothes that I wanted made. Fashion has always been an extension of my creativity. I feel alive when I'm pairing things, and putting them together. It really is a hobby and way of expression.

With that being the case, sometimes you cannot go to the store, or Google search enough to find what you see in your mind.

So one day, while on Etsy looking for ethnic clothing (one of my most favorite things to wear), I stumbled across House of Izzi. I looked at all of their beautiful ideas, but had thoughts in mind on how I'd change them if they would allow me to.

So I sent them a message, and pretty much asked for one of their designs, but with a lot of my own customized changes. I knew that it would be a shot in the dark.

Because seriously......WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE LADY?

What type of person picks your design, then asks you to change it entirely for them?


It's me.


The thing that grabbed me was that they said YES to everything that I asked for.

And when the item came, it was just like I'd asked for it to be made, with some minor tweaks required for customized styles.

Over the last 5 years, I have gone back to them several times to ask for items that I see in my mind's eye.

And once I started promoting them on social media, people started going to their site for the items, but could not find them because they were my ideas, and had been made just for me as a customized piece.

Moving forward, they contacted me a few months ago to ask if I'd be interested in a partnership to design items that they will make and sell.

It was a dream come true that was a dormant dream.

For the last few months I've put together ideas, tweaked them, selected fabrics, and re-selected fabrics to come up with looks.

Seeing them come to life has been a deep joy for me.

My favorite thing to wear is black and white.

But it's only because I love all colors, and can't just settle on one. I love them all, especially when combined together,.

It has to be either a whole pool of colors, or black and white.

With African clothing, the print is power. The print will make or break a look.

I took time and intention in every detail.

I thought it through.

I thought of body types and options for wear.

There is something for everyone.

So with all of that being said, here are a few of the looks that are now live, and available for purchase.

In addition to these, there are four other styles to come at the end of this month, and more looks that I designed for men.

Yes, I designed a few for men.

It was my first time ever. And though out of my comfort zone, it was inside me the whole time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when ordering customized pieces.

1.) These are not retail clothes. They are not something that you can go and order or Amazon. They are custom made. The materials are different. And you are getting something created for YOU. The quality of Ankara (African print fabric) is much better than your average cotton. It's meant to last. And it does not require the ironing that a "Made in China", Amazon outfit would require. True African made clothing lasts for years. It is quality. I unboxed each sample look and had very minimal ironing and steaming to be done. It is not cheap cotton.

2.) Please read the sizing charts and ask questions. House of Izzi will respond to your inquiries with answers. Never blind order from anywhere. Insure that what you order will fit. Do not be afraid to measure yourself and ask for amendments if necessary prior to ordering. I've made this mistake before, and had to get altering done on items once they arrived.

3.) Please read the return policy. Ask all questions prior to purchase. These clothes are coming from overseas. It will not be an easy return should you be unhappy. My thoughts and recommendations are below with every look. However, these are my designs being created by House of Izzi. I cannot help or satisfy any issue that you may have. Your point of contact is House of Izzi.

Thank you everyone for reading and watching my journey.

As it continues, God promised me that this is on the tip of the iceberg.

Stay Tuned,

Shaunee Brannan

The "WISDOM" Kimono: 3 Ways to Wear

Purchase Link:

  1. Dressy - Comes with Matching Kimono Style Belt and Headwrap. I paired it with a catsuit underneath. This would also look great with a body con dress or jumpsuit underneath.

2.) Edgy Style - Worn without the belt, I paired it with over-the-knee boots, and leather shorts.

3.) Casual - Paired with jeans and a tee, its still a statement piece, but toned down underneath.

The "FAITHFUL" Crop Top & Jogger Set: 3 Ways to Wear

Purchase Link:

  1. Casual - Body Suit underneath, paired with flat sandals. You can also pair this with a cropped tank underneath for those who like a bare midriff. A pair of flats would look cool too.

2.) Edgy- Paired with a fedora, nude bodysuit underneath, and scrappy tie sandals.

3.) Dressy- I added a white, cotton, button-up puff sleeve blouse underneath with booties.

The "HONOR" Hi-Lo Dress/Tunic: 3 Ways to Wear

Purchase Link:

1.) Dressy- Can be worn as a dress paired with heels, sandals, or wedges.

1.) Casual- Paired with leggings and platform heels. Could easily be worn with flats.

1.) Edgy- Paired with jeans for a more toned down, yet modern look.

The "DIGNITY" Blazer Dress: 4 Ways to Wear

Purchase Link:

1.) Dress- This can be worn as a stand-alone dress

1.) Dressy- Worn as a blazer paired with a button up and fitted pants underneath

1.) Edgy- Worn as a dress paired with over the knee, cap-toe boots and a fedora

1.) Casual/Edgy- Paired with high waist, faux leather pants, and sneakers.

The "STRENGTH" Tunic for Men

*This is one of 3 looks that I created for men. Details on the other 2 looks to come soon.

Purchase Link:

Ways To Wear: The sleeves are able to be worn full length, or rolled up for a cuff past the elbow and secured with a button closure. Can be dressed up with slacks or jeans.

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