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New Looks! - Shaunee Brannan and House of Izzi - February Fashion Blog Focus

As a part of my design collaboration with House of Izzi, I have been able to create African inspired, ethnic and boho looks that are a reflection of what appeals to my design and styling aesthetic in this genre of fashion.

I love bright colors.

I love color-blocking and print pairing.

I love feminine, eye-catching prints that reveal the beauty and elegance of being a woman.

I love anything that screams LADY and WOMAN all together in one.

Here are a few new looks that do just that.

House of Izzi is an African based company that makes many beautiful items. And I am blessed and honored to be able to add to what they produce through my own design appeal, providing them with several looks that make me smile.

Each design is thoughtful of not just what a woman wants, but a woman's body.

Each fabric print is carefully selected and thought about thoroughly.

I think about accessories, shoes, mood, and everything in between when creating.

My goal is to create clothing that appeals to every area of our intellect and desire when getting dressed.

These new looks will be available to purchase starting Monday, 2/19/23.

Please use the code "SHAUNEE" as a discount code.

Also, please be on the lookout for Spring items that I'm currently designing.

As always,

Thank you for stopping by and your continued support.

The "SPIRIT" Set

The spirit set is a look that is not for a minimalist.

It's not for someone going under the rader.

It's for the girl who wants to step out and see and be seen.

It incorporates a bolero that adjusts at the wrists, neck, and front for a customized fit.

It can be worn as a stand alone piece with a pair of jeans, or skirt.

But its super fun when paired with its flare, circle shorts.

The back of the shorts are elastic, with a side zipper, and a waist tie that ties at the side.

Pair with platform sandals, over-the-knee boots, or flat sandals.

Either way, it's a show stopper.

Wear it in Spring, Summer, Fall, and even Winter.

The "SINCERE" Duster Set

Who wants to be cute but comfortable?

This is the look for that.

The SINCERE duster set incorporates a little drama, but you'll be easy and free while giving it.

The short-sleeve duster has padded shoulders for a little lift and structure. It has short sleeves that allow it to be worn in warm weather, but also would be perfect with a long-sleeve blouse underneath if worn in cooler climates, or in a more corporate setting.

The cropped joggers have a small corset tie detail in front, with elastic around the hem.

Pair with sandals, heels, booties, or even gym shoes.

It's definitely a perfect option for Spring, Summer, and Fall.

The "SOUL" Deep-V Dress

I always try to incorporate comfort and effortless wear in every look.

The "SOUL" dress is a way to show up wherever you gotta be, socialize, shake hands, make friends, and not be ready to get home and "get out of these clothes".

It's a throw-on and go dress that still gives effort.

The deep-v dress offers multiple options for wear. It comes with a corset that can be worn on the inside that has a sweetheart neckline.

The corset can also be worn as a separate piece with jeans or cut-off shorts.

You can also wear the dress alone if you are going for a daring look.

And if you aren't into showing leg, a pair of leggings are easily paired with it.

Pair with flat sandals, heels, booties, or over the knee boots.

This dress easily transitions into all four seasons depending on how it's styled.

The "ENDURANCE" Shirt Dress

A spin-off of the "HONOR" dress from my collection, the "ENDURANCE" dress has long sleeves, and a conventional collar.

The thing that I love about this style is that it can be worn as a dress, a long shirt, or even a duster if you open it up completely.

The colors are camouflage themed, but still very ethnic.

Pair with sandals, heels, booties, or even gym shoes.

It's definitely a perfect option for all four seasons depending on how you wear and pair.

The "PERSEVERANCE" Corset Blouse

I love a blouse that is anything but basic.

The "PERSEVERANCE" blouse has several design details that creates a look that's all your own.

It falls off the shoulders, with puff sleeves for a blouson look, and a tie, corset-back that finishes the fun of the blouse.

Pair it with jeans, a skirt, shorts, or just about anything.

It's the perfect option for wear for summer or fall events.

Wear with or without the head wrap.

Thank you for looking!

Be sure to visit and use code "SHAUNEE" for a discount!

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