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"SHADES of FALL" - October Monthly Fashion Focus

*Photo by Chris Ahearn Photography of Michigan (Kensington National Park, Novi, MI.)

The best part of living in the midwest is that you have the privilege of seeing the beauty of all four seasons. You get the frigid winter temperatures, complete with all of the ice, sleet, and snow. Spring brings the rain, flowers blooming, and birds chirping. While summer gives us warm temps, humidity and all of the picnics and outside activities as a reward for making it through the winter months. But none of these seasons quite compare to the beauty of FALL in the midwest.


Fall is my favorite season by far.

It gives me all the feels that I need in my "feely" type of soul.

I'm an internal and external atmosphere type of person.

I feel sad on rainy days. I feel alive with sun and air.

FALL is an atmosphere season for me.

I got married in late fall here in Michigan. It was an unseasonably warm day, and when we stepped outside, we were met with shades of yellow, hunter green, reds, oranges, and browns. It was the perfect landscape for a monumental day. I can still see the beauty of the day on the backdrop of all of the love that came with eternal commitment.

And then, there is Thanksgiving rounding out the season - my favorite holiday.

And of course, Thanksgiving comes with all the seasonal feels as well.

Fall is special.

It is a very settled and cozy time of year. Pull out the soups, throw blankets, movies, and family time. There are hayrides, bonfires, pumpkin spice everything (for those who like it) and trips up north to see the array of beauty it provides.

Fall is not just about the beauty.

It’s about how it makes you feel.

It feels intimate.

It IS intimate.

I wait a whole nine months for these 3 months.

When I dress for fall, of course I wear the traditional fall looks.

Plaids, Scarves, beanie hats, sweaters and leggings with boots - I’m a Michigan girl.

Of course I rock them all.

But more than the articles of clothing synonymous with Fall, it is more about the colors for me.

I love the COLORS of fall.

I love to see these rich shades put together, and paired in various ways that say ‘FALL’, without saying fall.

Most color schemes that we love originated in nature.

Black and Red - Volcanos

Blue and Green - The Caribbean

Yellow and Black - Bumble Bees.

The list goes on. We are inspired by the way that God paints creation.

And Fall is creative.

So here is how I'm doing Fall this year representing it’s beautiful shades - with a few and traditional fall looks, and some untraditional.

This is, indeed, my favorite time of year.

Shaunee Brannan

BOOTS - Tory Burch "Lila" Eel Skin Boots

SWEATER - Atelier by Nicole Miller Split Sweater Tunic

PANTS - Free People "JULES" Plaid High Waist Pants (runs small)

DRESS - Genuine Suede Pinafore Dress by "FREE PEOPLE"

SHERPA DUSTER - Fashion Nova "BACK TO REALITY" Sherpa Duster Jacket

HAT - Fashion Nova "Sherpa Hat"

PANTS - Nicole Miller High Waist Plaid Pants

DENIM JACKET - Tommy Hilfiger Moto

DRESS - Fall Florals Dress by "OPT"

BLAZER - Linen Blend Blazer by VICOLO

BOOTIES - Chinese Laundry

KIMONOS - "MOMO New York" Sold by Free People

JUMPSUIT - Wide Leg Jumpsuit by "FREE PEOPLE"

SHRUG - Braided Sweater Shrug by Etsy seller "CELAPIU"

PANTS - Wide Leg Culottes by "WHY DRESS"

SET - Free People "RAINBOW" Duster and Dress Set

Red/Orange Short Sleeve Dress - Ronny Kobo Knit Dress

Hunter Green Long Sleeve Dress - Fashion Nova "KALLAN" Knit Dress

Leopard/Floral Beret - Betsey Johnson

Jen's Pirate Booty Set (sold separately) Can be worn in Spring, Summer, and Fall

PANTS: Rock n' Remix "FELIZ" High Waist Bell Pants

TEE - H&M Mickey Tee

PANTS - Rock n' Remix "FELIZ" High Waist Bell Pants (comes with removable belt)

*Made by Detroit Native Char Glover featured on Project Runway. I own these pants in three shades. They are a favorite item to wear in my closet.

SHRUG - H&M Sweater Shrug

DRESS: Fashion Nova "MELISSA" Ombre Maxi Dress

DRESS: Milly

SHOES: Aldo pumps paired with handmade Tulle Shoe Clips by D-Michelle Creations

Thank you for stopping by!

*All Requests for information, collaborations, and partnerships can be sent via the contact option on my website.

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07. okt. 2022

I love all the fall looks! ❤️

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