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SPIRITUAL HABITAT - Where We Naturally Live

We’re pretty much about 45 days away from 2022 being over.

And for those in tune spiritually, you can feel God emphasizing things in your life that he’d like to change in some way.

It’s not that he lives on our clock or time period.

But he’s a master at capitalizing on what we capitalize on.

Whenever a year is beginning or ending, people start to pay closer attention to things that should have had our attention all year.

We start working harder on goals and preparing for new ones in the year to come.

With this heightened awareness working, He starts working.

And I’ve felt him working.

He’s been actively dealing with areas of my heart.

And he hasn’t let up.

I have received so much confirmation that I am not the only one.

God is doing his job.

He’s trying to prepare us in ways that our spirit knows, but our minds cannot comprehend.

A month ago I was in Las Vegas resting and meditating, waiting to hear the voice of the Lord.

I’d prayed concerning some things that I was experiencing.

But I felt some unrest.

Typically after I’ve laid everything out for the Lord, I feel a stillness and peace,

Even if things have not changed or gotten better, the peace that I feel reassures me that he’s aware.

But in this moment, I still felt unrest.

Then God spoke the phrase to me: “SPIRITUAL HABITAT”.

As I took time to let the words sink in, I refreshed my memory on what a habitat is.

And I knew immediately what he was referencing.

A natural habitat includes everything that a living creation needs to live.

Penguins are naturally placed in cold weather environments that includes water, and food for them to be able to live and reproduce.

If you transplant a penguin to a zoo in Texas, a mock-up of their natural habitat has to be recreated, and supplemented with things that reflect where they naturally live.

You'll find penguins in the snow and ice exhibit, with pools of water for them to dive in. And a zoo keeper comes during the allotted feeding times to pass out fish to the penguin.

If they are transplanted to a place that the right temperature and resources are not able to be provided, sickness and death are the result.

They cannot survive without both the right temperature and food and water available to them.

Spiritually speaking, there is a place in God that he creates with our spiritual make-up, and purpose in mind. In this place, all of our spiritual needs are fueled by everything that are present and available in this place.

As for me, my spiritual habitat consists of prayer, fellowship with God and the Holy Spirit, the word of God, spiritual relationships, worship, consecration, sacrifice, and direction.

I can always tell when I have stepped outside of my spiritual habitat by the things that I have to do to try to secure these things, and also the struggle to regain the “ME” that my natural habitat produces. I become someone different outside of this place.

Outside of this place, I am somewhat scattered, snippy, and impatient. I also experience anxiety and am unable to secure peace as quickly as I normally do.

On the other hand, when dwelling in this place, I am active in prayer, able to hear God easily, helpful to others, and open.

And more than anything, I AM AT PEACE.

Peace is the hallmark signature of me being in this place.

So with this reality given to me, I retraced my steps to find out when and where I’d stepped outside of my Spiritual Habitat to entertain things that were not my own to entertain.

I began searching my soul, and redirecting my heart back to a position of resting where I belonged.

I know that I'm not the only one that this applies to.

Some us of have never taken inventory of what our Spiritual Habitat is.

Others have never even discovered that God has created one for you.


God has created one specifically designed FOR YOU.

He's simply waiting for us to tap into the resources that have long been prepared for our survival and prosperity.

God is the ultimate steward.

He never creates anything without the resources for the created thing to exist.

There is a spiritual place created for us where we are able to live fully and completely.

And once we are satisfied with what this place provides, no substitute feels like the real thing.

It is time to live here, never lured away by distractions and pain.

I made my way back to my Spiritual Habitat (HOME).

And my goal is to stay here to let God finish the heart work as we round out the end of the year.

It literally is a matter of life or death for me…..and you.


Shaunee Brannan

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