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THE WAITING ROOM - Releasing His Own

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

It was our usual Thursday night church prayer session.

Everything was pretty normal.

Encourage the people.....

Take prayer requests.....

Touch and agree....




This is how it usually goes.

But as prayer was wrapping up, and all prayer requests had been taken and prayed over, God opened up my eyes.

He opened up my spiritual vision as he often does when he deems necessary.

As I continued praying and sharing the heart of the Lord, I began to take in this awesome vision that I was seeing.

I began describing it to our church.

And as I described what I saw, the full meaning of the vision was downloaded in my spirit.

I saw a large room with four walls.

The walls were an off white. And the room itself was rather plain.

There was no furniture in this room.

There was no room for furniture.

The room was packed with people.

There was no standing room left.

Every part of this room was filled with people standing and waiting.

There was only one door to the room.

I was beholding the room at the back of the room.

Everyone was turned facing the door at the front of the room.

Then I began looking at the people in the room.

Everyone had on all white garments.

Only, these were no average garments.

They were all beautiful, white, pristinely designed garments.

Everyone's garment was a uniform of sorts that fit their role or assignment.

A baker turned to me and smiled.

He had on a baker's uniform. But this was no average baker's uniform.

It was made with exquisite details.

Everything from the collar to the buttons were designed with such care and creativity.

There was an accountant in the room.

Her uniform was the most beautiful white business suit.

But it had beautiful scalloped lace.

It was designed specifically for her.

It fit her perfectly.

Every stitch was perfect.

It was tailored for her.

As I scanned the room, I saw stay-at-home Mom's.

I saw mechanics. I saw Doctors,



Pastors and Ministers,

Real Estate agents,


Web Designers,

People of all professions.....

ALL with beautifully designed white garments for their assignment.

God spoke to my heart and told me that this was a waiting room.

As a matter of fact, I knew that wherever we were, there were also more waiting rooms.

But this particular room was comprised of people specific to this season and time.

And God was getting ready to open the door and release them into the earth and into the roles that he had already purposed.

I had an overwhelming understanding again of God's times and seasons.

"To EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."

Ecclesiastes 3:1

For these individuals and purposes in this room, the time had come.

God is never not working.

He is never not preparing.

He is always arranging to fit his time and purposes.

And he is careful to equip and release according to schedule.

There is a great release that has already begun.

No role is too big or too small.

They are all purposed by God.

He is covering the earth with his representatives.

He has fit us with garments that he created and designed specifically to fit us.

No one's garment in this vision was ill fitting, or could be taken off and put on someone else and it look the same.

It was SPECIFICALLY designed for them.

The tailoring and fit was precise.

The material was expensive.

It speaks of God the creator.

He doesn't just do all things well.

He does them in a way that only beholding it does it justice.

Trying to describe the beauty of it (like I am) falls short.

For many of you, your time has come.

God is releasing you into the earth as his representative.

He has already equipped you with everything necessary.

And you are ready.

Everyone facing the door was ready.

They were not tired of waiting or facing the door in impatience.

They were EXCITED.

They were mission minded.

They understood their assignment.

They were ready to make God proud.

They were undercover agents ready to fulfill.

My prayer is that you understand your times and seasons and the Father that creates them.

The waiting room is getting ready to be emptied.

God is working.

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Jun 05, 2023

Love this and the way God speaks to you. Thank you for being a willing vessel.



Unknown member
Jun 04, 2023



Unknown member
Jun 04, 2023



Unknown member
Jun 04, 2023



Hi Pastor Shaunee! Thank you for sharing this. Thank you so much. Love always,


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