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With or Without a Date - Valentine's Day Looks

So, this wasn't supposed to end up being a blog.

I'd told myself that I was only pulling together a few looks and that would be the end of that.

Several outfits later, we ended up here.

Valentine's Day is one of the most loved and hated holidays in America.

Some people live for it. They can't wait to celebrate romance with chocolates, dinner dates, cuddles, and love itself - fully indulging in the joy of having someone to share the holiday with. If you are in a stage of new love, it is one of the best times.

Then there are some that loathe it altogether and dread its arrival. It seems to bring with it the reminder of love they've lost, heartbreak, failed romances, or love that they have not yet found. Loneliness can loom heavier during the days before it's arrival, and especially heavy if Valentine's Day falls on a weekend.

It is the best and worst of days.

Ask me how I know!

I've been on both sides of the experience.

But before I get into showing you seasonal pieces, I want to challenge your perspective of Valentine's Day, whether you view it as being good or bad.

  1. A mate is not required to celebrate this holiday.

  2. A date is not required to celebrate this holiday.

  3. Dinner plans, or fun activities are not required to enjoy this holiday.

  4. Romance is not the only type of love that there is.

God is love.

And love is God.

The very nature of love, in its purest form (AGAPE) comes from God.

And if you've ever experienced this type of love, even if just for a moment, it leaves an indelible impression on you forever.

And with this experience, and belief in God - who is love, Valentine's Day is a day to appreciate what love truly is.

It is a holiday for everyone, believe it or not.

It's a perfect time of reflection.

And true love requires more than 24 hours to appreciate it.

It takes an entire lifetime to explore love.

Whether married or single, there are many ways to show a healthy appreciation for the theme of Valentine's Day.

When I was single, I STILL dressed up every day of Valentine's Week, and not to catch the eye of a man!

I was enjoying the festivities of the holiday season.

It's the perfect time to break out the hearts, pinks, and reds to look like LOVE.

I'd show up in hearts, pink Angora sweaters, a red lip, and a little black dress.

Whether I had a man or not, I wanted to look loved.

I wanted to look like I believed in love, and was worth of it in all the best ways.

You see, I loved myself. And I believed that the God that I loved would one day see to it that someone found me, prepared, and in love with him and myself.

I wasn't sitting around anywhere sulking and sad.

YES. I absolutely wanted love in the most romantic of forms.

But I also fully believed, IN FAITH, that one day it would be mine.

And in the meantime, I dared not view Valentine's Day as a negative.

On the other side of identity, I viewed it as a day that I'd be able to participate in romantically when the time came.

Until that time, I was looking like what I hoped to attract.

Hope is a necessary component of waiting.

I had hope.

And hope had me dressing the part!

So whether you have plans or not, a love interest or not, or love or hate this day, I'm still giving you a look at fun ways to celebrate the season.

Love is the very reason we live.

Celebrations, in the simplest of forms, are necessary.

I hope that you enjoy the looks that I put together.

I broke them down into color scheme themes that range from casual, to traditional, to romantic, to fun.


Shaunee Brannan

RED - The Color of Love

Suit - Irregular Exposure Boutique

Moto - Pistola Denim

Checker Skirt - Dolls Kill

Wide Leg Pants - Rock'n'Remix (online)

Lace Shrug - Dolls Kill (also sold on Amazon)

Blazer - Zara

Tuxedo Blouse - Thrifted Salvation Army

Stockings - Ebay Purchase

Skirt - Boutique Purchase

Blouse - AliExpress

Belt - Yoox

Shoes - Miu Miu

Lace Duster - Custom Design

High Waist Pants - "Knot Your Girl" Pants Fashion Nova

Lace Gloves - AliExpress

Leather Moto - Muumba

Sequin Pants - Amazon


Moto - Pistola Denim

Checkered Dress - AliExpress

Checkered Beret - AliExpress

Pumps - Jeffrey Campbell

Leopard Bootie - Schutz

BodyCon Lace-Up Dress - Fenty by Puma

Tee - Forever 21

Striped Flares - Free People

Textured Clutch - AliExpress


Dress - Fashion Nova Duster Dress

Poncho and Duster Flares - H&M

Caged Beanie - Betsey Johnson

SOFT PINK - Innocent

Puff Shoulder Sweater - Zara

Pink Cargo Jeans - Fashion Nova

Pom Pom Dress - Alice & Olivia

Heart Tights - Dolls Kill

Cropped Overalls - Levi's

Pink Moto Blazer - Zara

Sweater - Marbled (Marshalls)

Heart Stockings - Shein

Lace Shrug - Amazon (also sold on AliExpress)

High Waist Flares - Rock 'n' Remix (online)

Pink Corset - H&M

Jumpsuit - Free People

Spiked Beanie - Dolls Kill

Spiked Pumps - Steve Madden

HOT PINK - Passion

Dress - Zara Mohair/Wool Dress

Cocoon Duster - L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani Mohair Shrug

Sequin Crop Top - Zara

High Waist Pants - "Knot Your Girl" Pants by Fashion Nova

Platform Heels - AliExpress

Moto Jacket - 7 for All Mankind

Striped Set - "Private Yacht Set" Fashion Nova

Striped Beanie - TJ Maxx

Baby Doll Dress & Matching Headband - Sister Jane

Rhinestone Heart Tee - AliExpress

Neon Flares - Ebay Purchase

Sweater Duster - Fashion Nova

Tee - Shein

Flare Jeans - Pistola Denim

Cropped Sweater - Zara

Striped Beret - TJ Maxx

Tuxedo Pants - Karl Lagerfield

Rainbow Dress - Hearts Dress Farm Rio

WingTip Shoes - Vince Comuto

Fringe Ombre Hoodie - Shaunee Brannan Design

Flare Jeans - Free People

Denim Oversized Jacket - Fashion Nova

Platform Heels - Jeffrey Campbell

Heart Scarf - TJ Maxx

Cut-Off Shorts - Re-Done by Levi's

Hoodie Dress - Free People

Checkered Leggings - Ralph Lauren

Shoes - Air Jordan 1

Checkered Hat - Fashion Nova

Thanks For Looking and Happy Valentines Day!

(All requests for collaboration and partnerships can be sent through the contact form on my site.)

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11 feb 2023

I absolutely love ❤️ every look

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